OSS (FAQ) for dk.kultur.sprog

What is dk.kultur.sprog, and how can I use it?

dk.kultur.sprog = dk culture language

Dk.kultur.sprog is a Usenet newsgroup concerned with the topic of language. Everyone is invited to join in the discussions and any language-related topic is welcome.

Located in the Danish dk.* hierarchy, the group is naturally dominated by messages in Danish, and the Danish language is one of the main areas of interest of the group. However, contributions and questions in other languages are welcome and will usually be answered if understood, and discussions about foreign and international languages are equally on-topic.

This document is a FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions in the newsgroup. OSS is the Danish translation of FAQ: Ofte stillede spørgsmål.

Standard Usenet and dk.* hierarchy rules and netiquette apply.


Rettet 3. October 2016